Wedding Cake Gallery

this cake is simply finished with natural buttercream, dot border and fresh flower arrangements for a classic elegant look.

Hexagon with Buttercream Swirls
Iced with an ivory-colored Swiss buttercream and garnished with blue swirls, dots and a coordinating ribbon.

Fondant Drape
Enrobed in a smooth coating of white fondant and simply draped, and studded with fresh flowers this cake is stunning.

A playful cake that makes a statement with bold colors and fondant flowers adorning the center tier.

A playful cake decorated
with icing swirls of Swiss buttercream and coordinated ribbon, topped off with fresh flowers and rose petals.

Chocolate Panache
This cake makes a statement by stepping away from the traditional white wedding cake. It is enrobed with chocolate ganache and garnished with beautiful green and white fresh flowers.

Simply iced with Swiss buttercream and wrapped with silver ribbon and garnished with fresh flowers

Winter Whimsy
This whimsical creation highlights the season perfectly while maintaining it's elegance.

A combination of square and round cake layers, of differing heights, gives this cake a unique edge. It is studded with icing dots and fresh flower arrangements for texture and color.